Profiles Feature

Pipeliner offers you many ways to visualize and instantly filter data so that you can have the precise view you need. Filter options allow you to filter and view tasks based on any field.

Beyond that, Pipeliner allows you to save views that you know you’re going to regularly use—with our Profiles Feature.

For the Salesperson

A sales rep is generally going to want to see all their sales, and how their target achievement is going—Views which would be contained in one profile.

But with Pipeliner’s Profiles Feature, that salesperson can create other profiles. For example:

  • Commissions for a time period
  • Commissions against sales quota
  • Sales of a particular product or service
  • Sales to a particular client

With Pipeliner, create profiles in minutes, and save them so they are instantly accessible at any time. A user can create as many profiles as they like.

For the Sales Manager

A sales manager will always have a profile that contains a view of the entire sales team. But like the salesperson, they might want to create other profiles specific to the industry or analytics they consider important. For example:

  • Sales over a certain price point
  • Sales of a particular product line
  • Sales of a particular group or territory
  • Sales of the leading rep

Sales manager time is extremely valuable—and customized profiles mean instant access to Views specific to their position.

Profiles can be private (only to the user), public (shared with everyone) or only shared with specific others (customized).

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