Sales Process Customization

A sales process by definition is dynamic in nature and needs to change and evolve as buyer behavior does – Pipeliner, unlike other CRMs, has made it very easy and non-technical to add your own custom sales process and then quickly change or update it as often as you need to.

A Framework

Pipeliner is, in fact, a rapidly adaptable framework for your sales operations. Some major elements of this framework:

  • Instantly tailor Pipeliner’s Sales Stages to exactly match your sales process.
  • If you have more than one process—for example for pre-sales and existing customers in addition to your regular sales process—Pipeliner allows multiple customizable Pipelines.
  • We have not tried to second-guess the various activity types—calls, meetings, webinars, etc.—that your sales force needs to engage in. Within Pipeliner you name them and order them.
  • We also don’t know what types of accounts you deal with, and allow you to name those as well so they can be properly organized and followed.
  • We have no way of knowing the reasons why a deal might be lost within your company—so we leave it to you to name your own “lost reasons.”
  • Every contact you have will have a different role in the buying process for your prospect or customer. We leave the naming of the “Sales Roles” (buyer, influencer, budget-holder, etc.) to you.

These and many other rapidly customizable features make Pipeliner CRM the premier framework for your company’s success.

Pipeliner CRM Template Designer

Another important aspect of specifically tailoring CRM to your company relates to the data forms within the CRM software—no two companies are going to use the same fields, the same arrangement of fields, or even the same field names.

With the Pipeliner Template Designer, you can pick a form design, easily drag and drop fields, set up columns, name and customize fields, and perform other necessary functions to make Pipeliner your company-specific CRM solution. It doesn’t require an admin or software engineer, either—anyone can do it.

We also know that in business, nothing stays the same for long. Up the line you’ll probably have the need to change or alter forms—and it will be just as easy as creating them in the first place.

Auto-Calculated Fields

In Pipeliner CRM we have made Auto-Calculated (user-defined) Fields a matter of a few clicks, for any user. Auto-Calculated Fields are available for Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts.

An Auto-Calculated Field can be as simple as creating a mathematical function between two fields. For example:

  • A “commission” Field could consist of opportunity value multiplied by commission percentage.
  • A “profitability” Field could be created by subtracting “opportunity cost” from “opportunity value.”

Pipeliner CRM Auto-Calculated Fields have endless uses, and can save valuable sales hours having to perform manual calculations outside the application.

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