Associating and Consolidating Multiple Accounts

As leads come in, and as your sales team is working them, companies get entered into the CRM system as they first become prospects and then opportunities. Data is then constantly added as the opportunities become accounts and as they move through the sales process (pipeline) stages.

But what happens when it is discovered that 2 or more of these companies are actually related? As an example, your customer XYZ Company might own another of your customers ABC Company. You might even discover that XYZ company must ultimately approve any purchases being made by ABC company.

Perhaps your organization only recently became aware of it and these 2 companies had been existing separately and unrelated in your database. So how can this association be easily shown in Pipeliner, without eliminating one or the other as separate entities?

This can be done with our  Parent Account feature: you can assign a parent account to an existing account—in our example, XYZ Company could be assigned as a parent account to ABC Company. This feature also allows the assignment of multiple accounts under one account.

You can also show such relationships within account data. You can also select a particular account, and aggregate data from multiple accounts into that selected account.

Visual Org Charts

Our visual org charts are designed to give salespeople an instant view of both customer company hierarchy, and influence on purchases from various personnel. It has proven an extremely valuable tool for always ensuring salespeople know exactly who they are talking to.

Our Visual Org Chart functionality has been updated to completely support our new Multiple Account Association feature, so that data on such associations will be visually reflected.

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