Pipeliner CRM for the Common Good: Our WE CARE Mission

WE CARE about empowering individuals to excel, making a difference through social initiatives, and supporting projects that improve the outlook for our planet. We support educators and those ready to redefine all boundaries on the way to living their dreams.

WE CARE is a statement of our social commitment to global communities. It underscores our responsibility to provide for a more sustainable environment. It reinforces our continued support for entrepreneurship and to closing the gaps in education.

Our mission is to help empower individuals to be their best and excel in life. We do this by providing them—and the organizations they support—with the tools and resources needed to help them achieve their goals, one person at the time.

WE CARE For Our Communities

Together with our customers, we want to make a lasting contribution to their local communities and show that WE CARE. By actively supporting social, not-for-profit initiatives that seek to help others in the area of education and health care, we want to demonstrate our social commitment. We hope that our actions will encourage others to do the same and help make the world a better place one step at the time.

Learn more about our initiative to provide Discounted CRM for nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

WE CARE About a Greener Tomorrow

At Pipeliner WE CARE about the sustainability of our planet. We are committed to reducing the impact our products and operations have on the environment. We are dedicated to raising awareness for the sustainability earth’s resources. We help our customers contribute towards a greener more sustainable planet by delivering our products in the most energy efficient way possible.

WE CARE About Helping Others Succeed

We want to demonstrate how much WE CARE about entrepreneurship and are committed to helping startups succeed. Our licenses program for Sales CRM Software for Startups empowers young companies to be more efficient and successful. The program provides startups with the CRM software and gives them access to powerful tools and best practices designed to enable their success.

Learn more about our Sales CRM Software for Startups program and see if you qualify for the Pipeliner program.

How We Show That WE CARE

  • By supporting nonprofit initiatives that help make the world a better place
  • By providing startups and educators with a special program of the software and resources
  • By deploying an energy-efficient Cloud platform that helps keep our planet clean

Pipeliner CRM philanthropy we care

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CRM for Higher Education

By providing higher education and learning institutions with supported Sales CRM software application we demonstrate how strongly we feel about educating the next generation of sales professionals.

CRM for Nonprofits

We are committed to supporting people and nonprofit organizations whose social initiatives help empower others.

CRM for Startups

We empower startups to accelerate success with the special program of licenses of Pipeliner CRM for the sales team.