We at Pipeliner Sales want to provide reliable and functioning feature releases. Please note that any indications of target release dates and features listed are subject to change.

Features & UpdatesRelease DateStatus
Dropbox IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Zendesk IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
MailChimp IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Shopify IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Zapier IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Intercom IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Relationship GraphQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Advanced Global SearchQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
Google Drive IntegrationQ2 of 2019COMING SOON
In-App NotificationsApril 2019LIVE
MS SharePoint IntegrationApril 2019LIVE
Reports with ChartsMarch 2019LIVE
SAML 2.0 SupportFebruary 2019LIVE
Duplicate CheckerFebruary 2019LIVE
PandaDoc IntegrationJanuary 2019LIVE
Merge Accounts and ContactsDecember 2018LIVE
Sales Forecasting ReportsDecember 2018LIVE
Bulk UpdateNovember 2018LIVE
Build-in HelpNovember 2018LIVE
Add-In for MS OutlookOctober 2018LIVE
DashboardOctober 2018LIVE
Account ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
ArchiveSeptember 2018LIVE
Buying CenterSeptember 2018LIVE
Contact ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
Email IntegrationSeptember 2018LIVE
FilterSeptember 2018LIVE
Google SuiteSeptember 2018LIVE
Leads ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
Microsoft SuiteSeptember 2018LIVE
Multiple AccountsSeptember 2018LIVE
Multiple PipelinesSeptember 2018LIVE
Navigator DashboardSeptember 2018LIVE
Opportunity TrackingSeptember 2018LIVE
Organization ChartSeptember 2018LIVE
Performance InsightsSeptember 2018LIVE
Pipeline ViewSeptember 2018LIVE
Product CatalogSeptember 2018LIVE
Sales ReportsSeptember 2018LIVE
Sales Task ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
Sales VelocitySeptember 2018LIVE
Template DesignerSeptember 2018LIVE
User Rights ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
Auto Calculated FieldsSeptember 2018LIVE
Auto ProfilingSeptember 2018LIVE
Automated Task SchedulerSeptember 2018LIVE
Bubble Chart ViewSeptember 2018LIVE
Document ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
GeolocationSeptember 2018LIVE
Notes ManagementSeptember 2018LIVE
Target Multiple KPIsSeptember 2018LIVE
ActivitiesSeptember 2018LIVE

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