Sales Roles

BI Feeder

Pipeliner data can be queried from any BI (Business Intelligence) solution that can connect to a PostgreSQL database (for example Google DataStudio, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau among others…)

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Sales POP!

Pipeliner CRM includes access to sales-related content, including interviews, posts, & much from global experts.

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Microsoft and Pipeliner CRM work together in multiple ways seamlessly.



Google and Pipeliner CRM work together in multiple ways seamlessly.


Revenue Recognition

Use Revenue Recognition to schedule revenue from an opportunity over different time periods.

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Guided Selling

Create a mandatory or voluntary sales activities checklist for each step of the Pipeline to guide users to follow your process.

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Template Designer

Pick a form design, drag and drop fields, set up columns, name and customize fields - No Admin required

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Sales Process

Create the most consistent and effective way for your salespeople to move through a sales cycle.

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Sales Task Management

See all your sales activities on one visual drag 'n drop task board for maximum focus and efficiency.

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