Restoring Purpose to Sales

In this ebook, we’ve been discussing the finding of meaning within sales and building a character for Sales. Why is this so important?

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Pipeliner CRM – The Concepts Behind The Features

The understanding of Pipeliner CRM features must go well beyond simple, functional explanations. Just understanding mechanical functionality doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll really grasp the product and all that it means

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The Pipeliner Mission: Win Together

Ebook on Pipeliner CRM Mission to Win together - Through relationships, sales can actually restore society, as people start to win together.

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Pipeline Management: Success with CRM

Pipeline management means the difference between accurate, successful sales and hit-or-miss sales that mysteriously make it to the close or don't. Pipeline management therefore even affects the success or failure of a company, and the attainment of company goals. This ebook shows you the relationship between pipeline management and sales success, as well as the vital role played by the choice of CRM solution.

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Sales Process: Empowering Sales, Management, and the Company

How important is it for a company to both have and understand its sales process? It’s not just important – it’s crucial to sales coordination, management and company expansion. A company’s sales process is the precise series of steps through which a sale passes, from prospect through to close.

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Increasing Predictability, Reducing Risk: The Pipeliner Selling System

The reason salespeople need a sales process is because buyers follow exact journeys. If a salesperson isn´t following along, they are going for the close when the buyer is much further back in their journey. That´s a rapidly lost sale. So how can the sales process align with a buyer’s journey? This is where the Pipeliner Selling System comes in—for each stage of the System is designed to dovetail with each stage of a natural buyer’s progression.

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Pipeliner CRM Data Analytics

This ebook is designed to show you how Pipeliner CRM, with its constantly innovated and evolving new features, assists salespeople, sales managers, and other roles in the company as they make their way into the future. As we move forward, it becomes increasingly important how users spend their time, because their time becomes ever more valuable.

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