Document Management


Mixpanel allows sales professionals to acquire, engage, and retain customers using actionable user analytics.

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Keen allows you to make your value visible with custom, embedded analytics without the hassle or high risk.

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Huddle is an industry leading document collaboration apps that allows teams and enterprises to work together. Integrate Huddle with your Sales CRM today!

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dotloop now integrates Pipeliner CRM. dotloop is a productivity optimization and online transaction platform made for real estate industry.

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Clio integrates with Pipeliner CRM. Clio helps legal professionals manage their operations, information, schedule, and almost all office processes.

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Integrating WebMerge service to Pipeliner CRM can reduce the amount of paperwork in your Sales Process.

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MS SharePoint

Attach any MS SharePoint file to your data in your sales pipeline in Pipeliner.

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