With manufacturing, certain customer-specific specs are quite common. Additionally, there can be other important documents required on a regular basis such as contracts, terms, and conditions, marketing collateral, competitor comparison sheets, or industry benchmarks.

The normal method of managing these documents is to store them on a default drive so that they can be accessed and attached to accounts and sent to leads, prospects, and customers as needed.

All of this consumes time that a sales rep or other personnel doesn’t need to waste. The person must locate the documents, then link to them or attach to an email. Today’s level of technology should preclude such rudimentary methods of document management.

It would be a far more efficient practice to make such documents accessible right in CRM so that any time they are needed for reference they are 1 to 2 clicks away. And once again, Pipeliner CRM has done it.


Right At Your Fingertips

With Pipeliner, you can store documents at every stage of a process. They are accessible right from the main Pipeline View–1 click away, no searching required.

You can also instantly import documents stored in process stages, right into the “documents” section of individual opportunities, leads, contacts or accounts. You can also upload documents to any of these areas from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint or from a local drive.

Since many businesses utilize Microsoft Office for document creation, Pipeliner offers a Microsoft Office Add-In App. This app enables 2-way functionality between Pipeliner CRM and Microsoft Office. A major benefit is the facility to create MS Word document templates that can be automatically populated by Pipeliner data. This can be a big time-saver for MS Office users.