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CRM Feature Comparison Tool

Lead Management Filtered /
Lead Activities
Lead Custom Fields
Lead Qualifying
Lead Import
Lead Scoring
Lead Distribution
Lead Tracking
Lead Logs (Audit)
Lead Archive Video
Lead Buying Center Video
Lead Queue (Team Lead Management)
Lead Drag & Drop from Stage to Stage
Lead Tags
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Account Management Filtered /
Account Activities Video
Account Custom Fields
Account Import
Account Org Chart Video
Account Distribution
Account Social Feeds
Account Logs (Audit)
Account Classification Video
Account Auto-populate Data from Contacts
Account Connect "1-to-Many with Any"
Account Tags
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Contact Management Filtered /
Contact Activities Video
Contact Custom Fields Video
Contact Import
Contact Distribution Video
Contact Social Feeds Video
Contact Logs (Audit)
Contact Auto-populate data from Accounts
Contact Connect “1-to-Many With Any”
Contact Tags Video
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Opportunity Management Filtered /
Opportunity Activities Video
Opportunity Custom Fields
Opportunity Custom Forms
Opportunity Import
Opportunity Distribution Video
Opportunity Logs (Audit)
Visualized Opportunity Tracking
Opportunity Buying Center Video
Opportunity Activities per Step Video
Opportunity Fields per Step Video
Opportunity Tags
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Reporting Filtered /
Report by Leads Video
Report by Accounts Video
Report by Contacts Video
Report by Opportunities Video
Report by Activities Video
Report by Products Video
Report by Grouping Video
Pivot based Reports Video
Forecast based Reports Video
Export Reports Video
On-the-fly Custom Reporting Video
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Activities Filtered /
Activity 1:N
Recurring Tasks
Appointments with External People
Activity Custom Fields
Activity Type E-mail
Activity Tags
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Dashboards (Charts) Filtered /
Bar Charts
Gauge Charts
On-the-fly 3-D Charts
Pie Charts
Sales Pipeline Chart
Intelligent Fields Filtered /
Calculated Fields
Calculated Validations
Web Resource Field
Dynamic Dropdowns
Auto Number Field
Product Management Filtered /
Custom Product List
Documents Management Filtered /
Upload Documents Video
Document Sharing Video
Document Templates
Email Integration Filtered /
Email integration
IMAP Integration
Mobile App Filtered /
iPhone App
iPad App
Android App
Lead Management
Account Management
Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Product Management
Document Management
Email Integration
Landscape Mode
Dedicated Tablet Mode
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Microsoft Office Filtered /
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Word
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Google Filtered /
Google +
Google Calendar
Google Contacts
Google Drive
Google Gmail
Google Maps
Google Tasks
Google Chrome Extension Video
Web Clipper Google Chrome Extension
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Offline Solution Filtered /
Default offline client Video
Integration Filtered /
Box Video
Dropbox Video
Facebook Video
Import 2
Twitter Video
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Customer Service Filtered /
General Support
Onboarding & Training
Self-Service Setup
Knowledge base
Video Training
Other Features Filtered /
Feeds - Build-In Messages Video
Interactive Sales Target Video
Multiple Pipelines Video
Opportunities Timeline View
Profile Saving Video
Business Model Filtered /
Feature based Business Model
License based Business Model
Small (up to 5 users)
Mid (up to 50 users)
Enterprise (over 50 users)
Free Version - limited functionality
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Disclaimer: Pipeliner CRM is in no way affiliated with any of the competitor CRM vendors featured in this comparison tool. Furthermore, Pipeliner CRM has based the comparisons on information that is publicly and freely available from each vendor's website and product marketing materials. While Pipeliner CRM has made every effort to fairly and accurately compare and represent each CRM vendor's capabilities, Pipeliner CRM cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information publicly made available by each individual CRM vendor.