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Pipeliner Forecasting is the most flexible and comprehensive available today allowing you to minimize risk and maximize accuracy.


Opportunity Fitness

Pipeliner Opportunity Fitness is as its name suggests all about the health and current status of an opportunity in your pipeline.

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View all of the different interactions that are related to your Contact, Lead, Opportunity or Account records and other records related directly to them


Web Clipper

Clip pages, add social profiles such as LinkedIn & create contacts, accounts, opportunities & leads in Pipeliner

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Custom Views

The Power Panel is a feature unique to Pipeliner that allows you to customize, save & share any view.

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BI Feeder

Pipeliner data can be queried from any BI (Business Intelligence) solution that can connect to a PostgreSQL database (for example Google DataStudio, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau among others…)

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Sales POP!

Pipeliner CRM includes access to sales-related content, including interviews, posts, & much from global experts.

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