Socialnomics, July 2nd, 2021writes: Every successful business owner understands that building a brand is much more than putting together a paid advertising campaign or creating an eye-catching logo and website. While these elements certainly do help, it’s worthwhile noting that over 53 percent of the worlds’ population use social media, and individuals around the world spend over 7.5 hours each day consuming some form of media. As such, many marketing experts consider owned media channels – blogs, podcasts, social media, webinars, and more – to be one of the most effective ways to forge a brand presence and create a valuable touchpoint with potential customers.


Pipeliner CRM Cloud is available in three versions: Starter, Business & Enterprise and delivers a level of visualization and instant, dynamic insights unrivaled in the CRM space. This ensures a supreme user experience, short learning curve plus high and rapid adoption rates. Its unique administration backend means that non-technical users can easily configure the system, so no programmers, consultants or systems integrators and there is no need for an expensive, full-time administrator which saves companies money and minimizes risk.

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Pipeliner CRM adopts a unique approach to features by leveraging  instant, dynamic visualization that drives rapid adoption rates and supreme user experiences. Its multiple product lines and both online and offline apps address the largest audience possible with the best IOS and Android mobile Apps in the market. Pipeliner is reinventing CRM and leading the market with new ideas and innovations efficiently executed to truly meet the challenges of this digital age

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