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Sales CRM Software that is Both Easy & Fun to Use

Sales CRM Software that is Both Easy & Fun to Use

Pipeliner combines advanced data visualization, social team selling features, and a truly effective sales methodology, to help sales teams win more deals. Less work, more sales. Experience how much fun, and how easy CRM can be.

Generate More Value from Your Existing Customer Base

Generate More Value from Your Existing Customer Base

Effectively engage customers through real-time, easy to find customer data that is available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. See how easy it is manage your client-base with Pipeliner customer relationship software.

Simple, Sophisticated Sales CRM Software for Outlook

Simple, Sophisticated Sales CRM Software for Outlook

Expand your sales CRM Software toolkit. Integrate advanced sales tools with the most widely used email, contact & activity management application in business today. See what the Pipeliner CRM Outlook client can do for you.

Empower, Collaborate and Sell

  • 360-Degree Customer View

    A complete view of all customer interactions with automatic opportunity updates with all the details, activity history and shared documents. Accessible from one central database securely hosted in the Cloud.

  • Effective Sales Team Collaboration

    Online team collaboration is now as easy as using Facebook. Social selling empowers you to stay on top of everything with real-time updates on people, activities, opportunities and accounts.

  • Mobile CRM for Sales Teams

    Close deals from anywhere; share the latest sales information with your team. Pipeliner CRM has you covered with the mobile CRM App for Apple and Android wireless devices.

Thousands of satisfied users in sales organizations around the world
rely on sales CRM software to empower them to win bigger and better deals.

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What is CRM Software?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a company-wide business strategy that combines people, business processes, and technology. It empowers sales and marketing teams to attract new prospects, convert them into clients, and grow those relationships into a profitable and loyal customer base. It brings together information from all data sources within an organization to give a complete 360-degree view of each customer.

CRM software is an essential tool in any modern business no matter its size. Sales CRM Software focuses on the sales perspective of the customer relationship management equation. It empowers both sales and marketing teams with the tools they need to manage all aspects of the relationship with existing and prospective customers.

Test-drive Pipeliner sales CRM software for 30-days, absolutely FREE. Download Pipeliner CRM and experience the easy side of CRM.

A 21st Century Sales Solution

It's vital to your business's success that your successfully manage your relationships with your clients. Many companies underestimate just how important it is that the customer walks away not just happy, but informed and supported well into the future, so as to facilitate further sales. There is more to customer satisfaction than giving out free gifts making the occasional social call. The management of your relationship with your customers can be quite complex, especially when you have a large amount of those customers. That's why many companies invest in CRM, or customer relationship management, software solutions.

Invest in CRM Software

It may seem like a small thing, a simple program on your computer that manages a database of your customers, but you'd be surprised just how great your customer satisfaction -- and therefore profits -- can be by comparison. Successful businesses in the 21st century have come to rely on customer service programs and softwares, and they haven't been steered wrong.

What is CRM Software?

Everyone from Microsoft to used auto companies to mortgage lenders to real estate salespeople to insurance companies make use of CRM software. An automotive dealer can make great use of CRM software, using it to help him improve the success of his sales force and improve his profit outlook. Insurance agents can use CRM software to help them makes insurance sales; an agent's job will be made considerably faster and more efficient with CRM software at their disposal. Even Nonprofits can benefit from CRM when it comes to doing their good deeds.

You Can Even Find Free CRM Software

It isn't difficult to find high-quality customer service software for download online or at the best customer service aggregate sites. Industry websites that focus on enterprise resource planning software -- or ERP -- often also specialize in CRM software that offer an integrated system for dealing with your customers. This software often comes as a package; these packages generally work quite well together, and tend to be higher-rated than other, un-integrated software.

CRM Software Reviews Are Widely Available

It pays to read the customer reviews of the different software packages so that you can compare them. An in-depth review can save you quite a bit of money on top CRM systems, while pointing you to higher quality CRMs like Salesforce or GoldMine CRM. The CRMs found across the web can vary in quality and toolsets; what one CRM does isn't necessarily what another does. The knowledge and wisdom that users share for your comparisons can be vital to making a good investment. For the definition of great CRM software community, go to the web!

What is the Best CRM Software?

The best CRM software can define your customer service dynamics, and often has an application or applications in every situation you may run into with your customers. Whether you need advice on marketing to a particular customer base, or the ability to manage your financial relationship with existing customers, good CRM software or SCM -- supply chain management software -- can deal with it.

Make the Best CRM Software Comparison Possible

The integration of a quality CRM software package can do wonders for your company. Managing your customers, whether it's a matter of managing a particular market or managing your media push to those particular customers. If your business acts as a vendor, you can manage the financial end of those transactions. If your customers are themselves vendors, there is specialized software for that as well.

Tip for the Wise: Use Only the Top CRM Software

Whatever your needs for your commercial CRM, it isn't difficult to find a high-quality, customizable CRM that will meet those needs. Of course, you should try a demo out first, but if your CRM can manage contact with your customers, legal issues with your customers, and email with your customers, you're alreadywell on your way to have a great suite of software.

Web-Based CRM Software is the Future

When you're working on a big project, software like Sage CRM or ERP can help you in its development. Yes, accountants may do their accounting and advisors will advise, but a good salesperson has a lot to gain from CRM and ERP. When you have a whole team of salespeople, whether they number 2 or 10, working together on a cloud hosted by Google, Apple, wiki, or some other quality hosting site.

For a Small Business, CRM Software is the Future Too!

Mobile CRM technology is a great way to make use of your time, as well. Whether you're on a Mac laptop, an iPhone, or just at your desk, mobile CRM software maximizes your time and makes you far more efficient. With mobile CRM, you open up your smart phone as a source and center of sales-based solution systems. Sure, you could spend all your time working on a chart or a list of customers, trying to organize all that data by hand, but you're far better off when you act like a 21st century salesperson.

What is Pipeliner Sales CRM Software?

Pipeliner sales CRM software brings the power of sales data back to salespeople online or offline. Pipeliner CRM sales software provides a radically new way to manage, interact, and access customer information that was previously not possible. Advanced data visualization techniques allow salespeople to work with a real-time interactive model of the sales pipeline. The sales CRM software helps salespeople to make better decisions with up to the minute sales insights, a social selling environment and team collaboration features that help sales teams more easily achieve their sales goals.

Pipeliner empowers salespeople by letting them control every aspect and every stage of the sales process. Pipeliner sales CRM software makes it easy to track, and share contacts, up-sell into existing accounts, monitor deal developments, and sales team performance. With sales CRM software, you will improve your sales forecasts and comfortably stay on top major deal developments. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the CRM outlook client plug-in supports effective team collaboration, with shared calendars, email integration and synchronized tasks and activities.

A Streamlined Approach to Sales Management

A sales process oriented design, using a flexible sales methodology framework, enables quick CRM implementation and ensures improved sales results after only a short period of time. The innovative sales management approach adds transparency to the sales process and relies on direct sales person interaction rather than on complex rule sets to drive deals forward.

Pipeliner sales CRM software makes it easy to build a repeatable sales process that is based on your own best practices. The visual sales model makes it easy to rollout a fully documented sales process that is both easy for others to follow and simple to understand. Supporting your own custom sales tools, associated best practice documents, and sales guidelines, Pipeliner sales CRM software helps direct sales team activities at every stage in the sales cycle. It provides salespeople with more oversight and gives them more control over developing sales opportunities with accountability built-in.

Experience new innovative ways to manage and empower sales with Pipeliner sales CRM software. Test drive Pipeliner CRM for 30-Days, and see for yourself how easy CRM can be. It’s absolutely FREE, no obligations, or credit card required. Get started right away and download your free copy of the CRM software, available for both Mac and Windows PCs.

How Does Pipeliner CRM Work?

Our sales CRM software provides in-depth insight into the sales pipeline, with data visualization, and analysis tools that help you figure out which sales strategies work best and which don’t. Pipeliner CRM helps keep sales teams focused on reaching their goals instead of getting bogged down by manual administrative tasks. It helps you capture, manage, and distribute sales leads, and delivers real-time account information that keeps salespeople productive.

Sales CRM software helps you manage contacts and customer relationships. With Pipeliner CRM, you get a 360-degree view of your customers with all the contact details you need to effectively manage relationships across the extended sales organization.

Sales CRM software helps you grow your key accounts. With Pipeliner CRM, sales teams get access to all critical account data they need to engage customers proactively. It provides salespeople with the tools needed to systematically grow key accounts into profitable long-term relationships.

Sales CRM Software integrates activity and task management. With Pipeliner CRM, you can view all customer data, including activities, documents, and notes. You can easily access information about any customer interaction, manage tasks, and effectively follow-up on any activity.

Sales CRM Software uses effective sales methodology and pipeline management. A new dimension in pipeline management, it is visual, easy to understand and effective. With truly effective sales methodology built right in that serves as an easy to follow sales roadmap that is customizable to the way you do business.

Sales CRM Software for effective Team Collaboration. With Pipeliner CRM, working as a team is part of the experience where sharing, delegating and staying on top of each other’s development is the name of the game.

Why Use Sales CRM Software?

Sales CRM software provides many benefits to sales organizations of all shapes and sizes. It has become important to any modern business looking to build fruitful long-term relationships with their customers. With easy to use, easy to configure, and easy to deploy sales CRM software for collaborative sales and marketing teams, Pipeliner CRM helps deliver real value to sales organizations faster.

Effectively collaborate as a team on the sales effort

Boost sales team performance with effective sales collaboration. Easily work around documents, accounts, sales opportunities and marketing leads. Share tasks and delegate activities to other team members. Share information and files while streamlining internal communications using threaded discussions and activity feeds that keep everyone in the loop.

Produce more reliable sales forecasts.

With Pipeliner CRM your forecast is always in front of you. View the sales pipeline from any perspective; drill down to get all the details with just a few clicks. Get real-time insights into your pipeline for more reliable sales forecasts.

Boost sales team productivity and organize sales data effectively

One of the key advantages of using sales CRM software is that it helps you organize all sales data in one place, making it easy to find information when you need it most. It also keeps a secure backup of all your information stored on the cloud as a service.

Share on the collective knowledge base of your organization

Get answers to questions, share documents, and get the latest information on the contacts and accounts you are following.

Win Bigger Deals, More Often and in Less Time.

Truly effective sales methodology built right into the sales CRM software, serves as an easy to follow sales roadmap. Customizable to the way you do business, it enables sales teams to increase opportunity conversions, and win bigger and better deals in less time

Engage Customers Proactively; Grow Stronger Long-term Customer Relationships.

Sales CRM software puts all critical account data at your fingertips to engage customers effectively and systematically grow key accounts into profitable long-term relationships.

Use more effective ways to communicate with your team

With sales CRM software you can post comments, ask questions & get all the answers connected to your contacts, leads, accounts, and opportunities. Share documents to support your point of view. Make it easier for salespeople to share ideas, and stimulate better collaboration by using internal activity-feeds instead of sending internal emails.

Manage sales teams proactively with actionable insights

Makes it much easier for managers to spot possible bottlenecks in the sales pipeline. It enables them to adopt corrective measures and apply coaching support when needed most, well in advanced of potential negative effects.

Increase sales pipeline visibility across the organization

It helps team collaboration by putting everyone on the same page. It allows marketers to spot bottlenecks in lead flow early on. It provides sales managers with at-a-glance insights into sale pipeline they can act on.