Why Your Business Needs Sales Pipeline Software

The complexity of a company's sales process rises along with its growth and expansion. For any sales team, managing several leads and prospects at various points in the sales cycle may become burdensome


Powerful Sales Process Step Activities Feature—New from Pipeliner CRM

Without a clear-cut sales process, no medium-to-large B2B sales team or enterprise can attain success. Pipeliner is the only CRM solution to allow a company complete flexibility in adapting its sales process to CRM and to allow a company’s sales process to be rendered in seven different completely visual views


How Important are Preferences in Sales?

Being aware of and catering to customer preferences can be an effective way for salespeople to connect with and persuade customers, and lead to more successful sales.


It’s Here: True Revenue Intelligence

Pipeliner’s new Revenue Intelligence Loop was introduced in our last article. Let’s now take a deeper look at this loop, and the powerful functionality it can provide for you.