Employee View of Win Together

One major aspect of “win together” is overcoming the fear of transparency. There are those who fear that they will be “seen for who they are” and replaced if they and their activities are fully transparent.


Making Email Easy For Sales

In order to leverage the wonderful interconnectedness that social media and professional networks provide, salespeople need to get heard above the noise. Salesperson 2.0 has added marketing skills to their arsenal to communicate in a concise fashion, distilling down to only those pieces of information that add value, provide insight, and attract the attention of their buyer. This gives Salesperson 2.0 a competitive advantage in a socially powered buying environment.


The Who, What & Where Of Sales

There is no doubt that Sales is becoming more complicated due to the ever-expanding networks that prospects and clients are part of. The advantage is that Salespeople can search these network connections as many of them are digitally available (LinkedIn, Alumni websites, etc) and discover the kind of six degrees of separation that would have been virtually impossible in the old analog world.