How Trade Can Be a Catalyst for Global Harmony

This article explores the transformative power of trade, delving into historical examples and shedding light on its potential to foster understanding, cooperation, and economic growth. How trade can dismantle barriers, promote interdependence, and pave the way for a more harmonious future


A Sales Mindset Deep Dive

Dive deep into the intricacies of the sales mindset and discover how to overcome self-imposed limitations, cultivate empathy, and embrace compassion to elevate your career to new heights.


What Is a Mindset, Really?

Embrace a growth mindset and embark on a journey of continuous learning to elevate your sales career to new heights. Transformative mindset and become a true sales professional who fosters meaningful connections and achieves remarkable success.


How Crucial is the Right Sales Mindset?

When it comes to sales, mindset means everything. A mindset will translate into habits, then into activities and tasks. At the end of the day, the mindset finally results in a person’s daily behavior.


Michelangelo—Pipeliner CRM 5.0—Has Arrived!

PIpeliner CRM 5.0—the most ambitious PIpeliner CRM version yet—will see its release on the 27th of September. It contains Custom Entities and many other innovations and features. I have named this release Michelangelo, after the legendary artist of the 14th century.


Revolutionize Your Sales Forecasting with Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a revolutionary sales forecasting and management tool that takes the guesswork out of your sales process. Use our advanced analytics to make smarter decisions, optimize resources, and stay ahead of the competition. Get started today with our free trial


Using Trade As a Weapon for Peace

Currently, Eastern Europe is the setting for a vicious war that is upsetting supply chains, commerce, and life across the globe. It is my fervent hope that we are not on the precipice of World War III.


Sorry Folks—Salespeople Can Never Be Replaced by AI

With the rise of AI, many people are questioning whether salespeople are still needed. The answer is yes! Salespeople provide unique perspectives, customer relationships, and insights that cannot be replaced by machines. Try our AI-powered sales tools to take your.