Infographic & Poster

Pipeliner CRM Manifesto

Infographic: Pipeliner’s goals certainly include our flagship Pipeliner CRM product. But behind our CRM--and everything else we do--is a real cause.

Pipeliner CRM Manifesto2020-03-27T17:07:55+00:00

4 Qualifying Sales Questions

Better to have less well-qualified opportunities in the pipeline than an inflated number of badly qualified ones that skew forecasts for future sales.

4 Qualifying Sales Questions2019-03-21T15:44:29+00:00

10 Don’ts for Social Media

A poster with 10 great pieces of advice about how NOT to use social media. Build your brand the right way.

10 Don’ts for Social Media2020-10-08T18:42:00+00:00

5 Crucial Sales Process Steps

The right sales process design means you sell smarter, close more deals, and increase revenue. Prove it yourself with our step-by-step infographic.

5 Crucial Sales Process Steps2019-03-15T15:33:08+00:00

6 Deadly Sins of CRM

How fast and effective Pipeliner CRM onboarding can be, infographic demonstrates the speed and efficiency — a fraction of the time and cost of other CRM systems.

6 Deadly Sins of CRM2020-09-14T20:42:35+00:00