Pipeliner CRM Mobile App—Opportunity Management Anytime, Anywhere

Opportunity Management for Mobile CRM App

Opportunity Management

Manage opportunities anytime, anywhere with Pipeliner CRM mobile app.

Custom Fields

A custom field defined in the desktop will appear in mobile CRM as well.

Opportunity management is practically synonymous with sales itself—for what else is a salesperson doing than managing opportunities, and moving them along through the pipeline stages to closes?

Since a salesperson is often away from the office, their Smartphone may be their only connection with CRM, and the opportunity data they need to view and update. Pipeliner CRM’s Mobile App brings Pipeliner’s robust opportunity management features right to your iOS or Android Smartphone.

You’re visiting a prospect, Big Mountain Company. You’re about to have a meeting, and before you go in, you can review pertinent facts about the pending deal right on Pipeliner mobile.  

Once the meeting is concluded, you can immediately enter updated information about Big Mountain’s current opportunity.

Then you’re waiting in the airport after your successful client visit, and receive an email that your deal with another prospect, Wild Colonial, has closed! You can enter that fact into their opportunity data in Pipeline mobile so that your manager will see it.

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