CRM Lead Management Software: Turning Leads into Opportunities

The right lead management software assists you by converting a higher number of leads into real business opportunities.

What is Sales Lead Management?

Sales lead management describes the overall lead qualification process by which potential customers are identified, educated, engaged, qualified, and passed on to sales to be converted into sales opportunities.

Alignment with Buyer Profile

Your company should have already established an ideal buyer profile for your products and services. Using this buyer profile, you can then qualify leads and lead sources so that you obtain maximum ROI for your leads.


As leads come in, they are of course going to have to be qualified. Again your buyer profile comes into play with questions such as:

  • Does the prospect company have the pain points that will cause them to want our product or service?
  • Do they have the budget?
  • Are they looking to buy within a reasonable time frame?
  • Does the buyer have the authority to authorize the purchase?

Answers to questions such as these not only make for lead qualification or not, but also contribute to the ranking of that lead. Its ranking will give it the proper priority as it moves through the pipeline as an opportunity.

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Lead Management Software: CRM

Today business occurs at lightning speed­­ and any business including yours must keep up. The lead management process is best automated through a CRM solution which rapidly assists in qualifying, ranking and properly routing leads at a proper speed.

A CRM through which leads can be assigned, routed and converted to opportunities is best if it is visual so that anyone monitoring or looking over the lead situation can get an instant grasp on the overall lead situation, and whether or not leads are adequate or in short supply.

The right CRM also ensures that lead sources can be evaluated, and leads themselves can be evaluated for viability and profitability. A constant, real­time view of lead management is always available.

Leads are expensive – ­­make sure you make the most of your investment with a CRM that is an effective lead management software as well.

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