Template Designer

Pick a form design, drag and drop fields, set up columns, name and customize fields - No Admin required

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Sales Process

Create the most consistent and effective way for your salespeople to move through a sales cycle.

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Easy to access and understand, sales reports provide valuable insights for salespeople and managers alike.



Sales Managers and Salespeople can create their own specific Views by filtering data and saving the View.


Embedded Help & Support

Pipeliner CRM features multiple ways to help and support you while learning and using the product.

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Pipeliner CRM Data Archive feature. For the first time, lost deals are stored with all details still intact, for later analysis or reactivation.


Email Integration

Pipeliner CRM fully integrates your email client, MS Outlook and Gmail. From within your email feed in your CRM you can read and respond to email activities right within your CRM.

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