Opportunity and Activity

Guided Selling

Create a mandatory or voluntary sales activities checklist for each step of the Pipeline to guide users to follow your process.

Guided Selling2021-02-18T22:08:13+00:00

Sales Process

Create the most consistent and effective way for your salespeople to move through a sales cycle.

Sales Process2021-02-18T22:11:19+00:00

Sales Task Management

See all your sales activities on one visual drag 'n drop task board for maximum focus and efficiency.

Sales Task Management2021-02-18T22:11:56+00:00

Pipeline View

Instantly gauge the health of your pipeline and get multiple, actionable insights all from one view.

Pipeline View2021-02-18T12:03:46+00:00

Opportunity Tracking

Manage and track your Opportunities in a more consistent, effective and visual way to increase predictability.

Opportunity Tracking2021-02-18T12:03:09+00:00

Navigator Dashboard

Navigator Dashboard brings more focus and intelligence, allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

Navigator Dashboard2021-02-18T12:07:18+00:00


Pipeliner CRM Data Archive feature. For the first time, lost deals are stored with all details still intact, for later analysis or reactivation.


Dynamic Target

In Pipeliner CRM, the Dynamic Target is always visible, keeping the goal front of mind--with 5 different available target views--for any salesperson.

Dynamic Target2021-02-18T11:58:53+00:00