The Sales Whisperer

The Sales Whisperer are Pipeliner CRM ambassadors, they provide sales training and marketing consultant, CRM experts that will increase your inbound sales.

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Flowing Through Connections

Flowing Through Connections is an ambassador for Pipeliner CRM: provides the best solutions to your company through its services, products, and resources.

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Omi is a Pipeliner CRM ambassador partner: OMI based on our real-world experience gained from over two decades of CRM implementations, delivery.


Tony Perzow

Tony Perzow joins Pipeliner CRM in their ambassador program. Tony is about helping people and organizations to acquire the skills of negotiation in Sales.

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Visuforce installs Visual Sales CRMs that are the basic tools for building a business development system.


Tech.Sell Corp.

Tech.Sell specializes in applying the latest, affordable, online solutions.

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Red Beach Advisors

Red Beach Advisors are partners with Pipeliner CRM, they assist small and medium-sized companies to grow, and scale through strategy, process, systems, and people.

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Pomme Consulting

Pomme Consulting is a team of consultants with a wealth of experience in Marketing, sales and management of different sectors.

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The company provides coaching and tools to help customers introduce an effective, results-driven sales process.