Pipeliner CRM Mobile App—Lead Management On the Go

Lead Management on Mobile CRM App

Lead Management

Add a lead straight into the Pipeliner CRM mobile app.

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization—and in reality, of any company. Therefore lead management doesn’t just happen when a salesperson is at a desk in the office—it can and does need to happen anywhere. Pipeliner CRM’s Mobile App provides Pipeliner’s lead management functions such as qualifying, viewing and editing leads—right from your iOS or Android Smartphone.

At a trade show, conference or other similar function, you collect a lot of business cards. In off moments, you can enter the new leads into Pipeliner through the mobile app.

You’re at a conference and run into Phil Smith, whose name rings a bell with you. You quickly look it up in Pipeliner mobile, and discover he’s an unqualified lead. Right there in the hotel lounge, you do the work necessary to fully qualify him and turn the lead into an opportunity.

You’re doing a presentation at a client site. In the room are 3 people from different departments of the company, whom you have never met. You quickly realize that they could each be their own prospect for your product or service, so you enter them as leads from the same company.

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