Pipeliner CRM Mobile App—Account Management from Anywhere

Account Management on Mobile CRM App

Geographical Location

Account details include the geographic location of the company.

Phone Integration

Click on and call from right within Pipeliner.

You’re often not sitting at your desk in an office so you need Pipeliner’s Account Management function when you’re out and about. The Account Management function in the Pipeliner CRM mobile app allows you the features and functionality of account management—right from your iOS or Android Smartphone.

You’ve come into Chicago for a meeting, and know there are other accounts there besides the one you’re meeting with. Sitting in a local coffee shop, you can look through your other accounts to find out which of them are local to you, so you can drop by or at least call while you’re there.

You’re at a trade show, and you run into Bob Smith from the XYZ company, who also introduces you to his colleague Randy Johnson. Both provide cards. Afterward you look up XYZ company in Pipeliner mobile Account Management, and you find Bob’s name in his former position at XYZ (he’s obviously been promoted). You update the data in Pipeliner to reflect Bob’s current situation. Then you find that Randy Johnson isn’t in Pipeliner at all, so you add him as a contact for the XYZ company.

You’re sitting in the reception area of one of your clients, about to go into a meeting. You want to make sure you have all the facts and contact names of the accounts straight, so you quickly refresh your memory from Pipeliner mobile Account Management.

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