Sales Reports: Meaningful, Powerful Insights—for Any User

Get powerful insights into the pipeline of the company, a sales unit, or a single user.

Intuitive Sales Reports

As with many aspects of Pipeliner CRM, we designed reports in such a way that they could be created by anyone—no need to go through an admin or a specialist.

Sales managers can easily create their own reports and monitor their teams in real time. But reports are not just for sales management—salespeople can greatly benefit from having an easily accessible and customizable sales report at their disposal. This allows each salesperson to more efficiently manage their own pipelines.

Pipeliner CRM Reporting empowers you with:

  • 1-Click Reporting For nearly any view in Pipeliner, or for any filter you have set up, you can immediately generate an on-demand management report. It can be saved so that it can be referenced or recreated at any time.
  • 24 Popular Preformatted Sales Reports give you mix-and-match views to monitor up-to-the-minute sales performance. Detailed reports, in-depth comparisons, evaluations, and statistics are all user-managed.
  • Forecast Reports provide powerful setting of quotas for all team members, and then tracking quota achievement in real time.
  • Visual Sales KPI reports form a visual real-time view of sales at any given time. We deliver 27 popular, pre-built KPIs that you can use to immediately analyze business for a single rep, a sales unit or territory, or a whole sales team.

Additionally, all reports can be shared and exported across the organization.

CRM Automated Task Scheduler

Activities are suggested automatically as you move opportunity from one stage to another

Edit the these activities or save them and have reminders and due dates set automatically

Set your own activities and tasks that would be suggested for each stage

Improved Data Reliability

You can’t have a sophisticated and informed overview without all necessary data entered into CRM. Here is where Pipeliner CRM Sales Activities can help ensure the quality of your reports - enabling you to set certain fields as required before moving an opportunity to the next stage.

This functionality (along with Custom Fields and Calculated Fields) can give you control over what data is being entered into your sales pipeline, ensuring that no important information gets lost and sales reports stay accurate and up to date.

The Powerful Pivot

With Pipeliner’s Pivot Table capability, you and your sales team can drill down into data and generate custom reports from multiple data sources. Pivot Tables are easily accessed and easy to configure, and the graphical interface enables you to create relevant reports in real time without leaving the screen.

Reports should inform and drive business actions and decision-making. Pipeliner CRM goes well beyond other tools available to make the most important insights accessible to everyone.

Management Reports
Task Management