Pipeliner CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Take a tour of the features that make Pipeliner CRM Software a standout tool for salespeople and sales teams. You’ll quickly see why so many companies are turning to us to unlock the true power and potential of their people.

We have a unique approach to the dynamic relationship between sales management and salespeople. That’s because we are salespeople ourselves!

The real magic happens because Pipeliner CRM is a worktool that becomes more useful over time. Each time you open your system, you can easily see what to focus on. The visual, graphical pipeline and target goals are always there—understandable and actionable. Within days, as your workflow improves, you feel the pull of this “sales efficiency portal” and see the positive results. Simply put, Pipeliner CRM helps you and your team do the right things, at the right time.

Pipeliner CRM is built for sales experts, not accountants. Salespeople are quick to adopt Pipeliner CRM because it is built to foster the entrepreneurial spirit that drives them. They can act on real and accurate information—not siren calls.

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Visualize the Pipeline!

Open Pipeliner and there it is—a visual but uncluttered map of your sales pipeline. This is up to date, real-time data, immediately focusing you on the tasks that can make a difference.

Your salespeople or teams can easily qualify leads into sales opportunities, then visually track and intuitively move through the stages to a win.


  • Simply drag and drop to move opportunities and leads from one stage to another
  • Complete pipeline visibility leads to powerful insights
  • A reporting Dashboard made for humans
  • Sales methodology is baked in and encourages team productivity
  • Sales workflow empowers salespeople to act independently

On the screenshot below, you can see real-time overview of your sales pipeline in Pipeliner CRM.

Sales Process Management

The Contact Record—Where Relationships Grow

Pipeliner Sales CRM Software makes it easy to manage customer relationships across any organization. Track an unlimited number of interactions, documents, and customer data from initial contact through to satisfied customer -- all from one comprehensive account view.


  • 1-to-Many-With-Any Architecture associates one Contact to Multiple Accounts, providing context for your complex interconnected business relationships, as they evolve.
  • See everything you need in one place—full interaction history and activity details.
  • View social footprints of any contact, account, or opportunity—add value to the conversation!
  • Bring the Internet to you—add URLs (e.g., Mapquest, UPS tracking, Dun & Bradstreet) right to the contact or opportunity.
  • Global search and data filters.
  • Identify decision makers in the buyer’s organization and make a visual org chart in the Buying Center.

On the screenshot below, you can see how you can manage and update data of your customers in Pipeliner CRM.

Customer Relationships Mapping

Sales Team Collaboration—It’s in the Cloud

Nothing boosts sales team performance like collaboration! Get a better feel for the pipeline when the entire sales team is focused on opportunities that matter most.

With the Pipeliner Sales CRM Software you can manage everything from one central location. Your data is safely backed up, and instantly available to the entire team. We provide the infrastructure you need to ensure uninterrupted and quick access to your data, all of the time.


  • Share views, documents, and advice to stay on top of the conversation.
  • Delegate, schedule, and set alerts so team stays on track.
  • Set email notifications across most every Activity stream, facilitating better cross-company awareness to what matters.
  • Less administration, more customer face time.
  • Fine-tune access privileges for role-based security.
  • Save time with pre-defined Profiles (like a Saved Search) for pipeline views.

On the screenshot below, you can see how Pipeliner CRM syncs your data via secure SMART cloud environment.

Smart Cloud CRM

Sales Productivity Tools

Puts sales tools and apps at your team’s disposal to help them to be more productive.


  • Two-way integrations with Google and Outlook email and features.
  • Work without Wifi access on most recent synced version of your system.
  • Schedule, monitor, and manage tasks in real time.
  • Drag and drop Contacts to build an org chart—a Buying Center—and you've created a Who’s Who of influencers within your prospect’s organization.
  • Attach documents to any contact, account, or opportunity.
  • Bring websites directly into Pipeliner (e.g., UPS tracking, maps, D&B, datalists).
  • Align your marketing and sales activities.
  • Connect your social media channels.

It's worth repeating that your Pipeliner CRM system is always available to you, even if you are unable to access the Internet, or at a customer site where security means no access.

On the screenshot below, you can see how you can monitor your contacts and accounts social media activities in Pipeliner CRM.

Social CRM Feed

Mobile CRM for Sales Teams

Take lead and opportunity management with you on the road! Pipeliner Mobile CRM includes our CRM app for Android phones and tablets as well as Mac, Apple iPhones and iPad tablets.


  • Work on full system even when offline using our hybrid technology
  • Access from anywhere, at any time.
  • Stay on track with key deals
  • Delegate and monitor activities when away
  • Full sales process support

The Pipeliner Mobile CRM App for sales includes our popular CRM for Android phones and tablets app, for Apple iPhones, and for iPad tablets.

Pipeliner CRM on Mobile Devices

Customizing Is a Snap

Every company and sales organization is unique. Pipeliner CRM is designed for easy tailoring around your business, sales process, and the specific products or services you provide.


  • Customize reports and dashboards
  • Create Pivot Tables, an advanced method for comparing data and sharpening insights across multiple data sets.
  • Modify stages, fields
  • Template Designer configures data entry with drag and drop simplicity
  • Create multiple pipelines
  • Redesign forms and add any data type
  • Track milestones
  • Easily integrates existing sales data and resource
  • Multiple currencies and time zones supported

On the screenshot below, you can see the custom web-resource field (showing google map based on the account location) attached to an account form in Pipeliner CRM.

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