Pipeliner CRM Bulk Update Feature

Hours of Work Accomplished in Seconds.

Updating Is Fast and Simple

Sometimes, unexpected change affects your entire sales organization:

  • A salesperson leaves. What happens to all their accounts and contacts?
  • You have a major release that pushes out all your Close dates two weeks.
  • A consultant moves to another firm – and they’re associated with three Opportunities in your pipeline.

Pipeliner’s Bulk Update feature makes global changes to your CRM data easy -- no need for making individual changes to accounts. No worry that some crucial piece of information didn’t get updated. No wasted time.

  • Select the Accounts you need to update.
  • Select the Field or Fields you want to update. Change them to the new information.
  • Click the "Bulk Update" button at the top of the Pipeliner CRM interface.

Work that previously took hours now takes minutes!

The Bulk Update feature is yet another reason why Pipeliner is the most efficient and cost-effective answer to your customer relationship management issues.


Bulk Update