Pipeliner CRM Hybrid

The Only CRM that’s Always Working—Online or Offline with Full Functionality.

Some companies require a robust offline CRM capability and we provide that with our Pipeliner CRM Hybrid version. With Pipeliner CRM Hybrid, the full CRM application is always available. Any changes made while using the desktop App offline are instantly and invisibly updated to the Cloud once an internet connection is again established. At the same time, any changes that have been made to CRM elsewhere update on the salesperson’s local machine.

The Smart cloud technology ensures:

  • Your data is always safe and 100% protected – Pipeliner CRM Hybrid is using state of the art cloud technology and services
  • Your data is accessible from everywhere and with the highest possible download/upload speed possible provided by AWS – the leader in cloud technology
  • No overwriting and no lost data

No Overwriting

Several users can be working on the same account at the same time, within Pipeliner CRM Hybrid. When data is updated to the cloud, no information is overwritten. All data will always be available and up-to-date.

Automatic Synchronization

Pipeliner CRM Hybrid synchronization between the cloud and local version is blazingly fast and totally automatic. The user can keep right on working while synchronization is occurring.

If changes occur while you’re in Pipeliner, you don’t even need to refresh your view to see them—you’ll see them almost immediately upon their occurrence.

Access your data online and offline without limitations.

Instantly see changes in your Sales Pipeline as they happen, collaborate and share information in real time.

Pipeliner checks for and updates Google data as well—for email, calendar, and other Google applications—when new data is there.

Updates email along with other data, for the last 30 days of email.

Data Security & Infrastructure

Data security is taken very seriously at Pipeliner. You can expect secure communications between your Pipeliner CRM Hybrid application and the cloud. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted provider of cloud services. You can expect all the best of what AWS delivers:

  • Superior data encryption policies for your data.
  • Fast upload/download speeds across the globe.

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