Salesforce Desk with Pipeliner CRM for Better Customer Service

Salesforce Desk is an online customer service software and support ticket help Desk application for small business and fast-growing companies.

About Salesforce Desk

Salesforce Desk is an online tool which help your agents work faster so they spend more time helping customers. With Salesforce Desk you can create rules for everything—from automatically assigning certain types of cases to a particular agent, to bcc’ing your CEO on VIP issues—and move your cases faster toward resolution. Work more efficiently by using bulk update to make many changes at once; you can respond to customers faster when you resolve multiple cases with one click.

Salesforce Desk also automatically collects and organizes customer interactions from every channel. When agents log into the console, they can dive right into their cases—which are prioritized based on business needs.

  • use labels to easily sort cases and generate reports
  • create filters for cases recently assigned to you
  • rely on macros to issue pre-written responses that you use frequently; perform multiple actions with just one click
  • Add notes to cases to communicate with your team

Key Features by Integrator

Integrated Using Zapier

This integration is created using Zapier services. If you are Zapier user, you can instantly connect your Pipeliner to Salesforce Desk by creating one of the Zaps.

Pipeliner to Salesforce Desk Integration by Zapier

Zapier lets you connect apps together to help automate tedious tasks between two apps with Triggers, Searches and Actions. Read more…

Pipeliner to Salesforce Desk Integration by PieSync

PieSync integrates your contacts two-way and in real time. Read more…

PieSync integrates Desk with Pipeliner for an automatic 2-way contacts sync. Every time you add or update a contact in Desk, it is automatically synced with Pipeliner, and vice versa – eliminating import/export!

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